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​AES specializes in installing insulation in existing homes as well as insulating new construction projects. Insulation performance is measured by R-Value – which is an insulation’s ability to resist heat flow.  Having a higher R-Value insulation means having higher insulation capability.

Our energy report will determine exactly what the current levels of insulation are inside your house and make recommendations for adding additional insulation in order to make your home as energy efficient as possible.  Insulation is installed in a quick, non-invasive manner, leaving your house more comfortable and lowering energy bills. Start saving now by calling us for an energy audit so see what your home needs!

Insulation Types

  • Most energy efficient insulation on the market
  • Used for new AND existing buildings: attics, walls, crawl spaces
    • Injection Foam
    • Spray Foam
  • Acts as a complete insulation and air barrier to minimize heat leakage.
  • Seals building envelope to achieve optimal efficiency


  • Most commonly used insulation product
  • Used as a loose fill or batt form


  • Made from recycled paper products and treated with a fire retardant coating
  • Can be used as a loose fill or attics or blow onto / into side walls